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Ryan Deloney
Ryan Deloney

It's a tradition any time you head west past Beaumont, Texas. You stop at Buc-ee's and take a picture to let everyone know you are at Buc-ee's. The chain is famous for its clean bathrooms, vast amount of fuel pumps, refreshments, and snacks. Here's the problem, though: most locations are in Texas.

Louisiana got teased a few years ago with the rumor of one being opened in Lake Charles, then one being opened in Baton Rouge. The Lake Charles rumor along with the Baton Rouge location were both scrapped for a location in Alabama which became the first store to ever be opened outside Texas. With that store being opened, it also started a wildfire of more being opened later this year, and then more in 2020 in Florida and Alabama.

So your only chance to make a purchase of Buc-ee's goodies has been to head west, until now. Amazon carries authentic Buc-ee's snacks and souvenirs. Gone are the days traveling over to Baytown and spending hundreds of dollars (my record is over $200) on treats to stock up on to last a month or so. The only downside is that I can't seem to find Beaver Bites.

It has its own taste for sure, not as good as Community, but not as horrible as a normal gas station. To simply describe it, it works and tastes like coffee. You can get it in a canister or get super fancy and buy their box of K-Cups.


What's a road trip without a mascot? You'll find him all over the store and sometimes roaming in real life to take pictures with! The 10" toy is perfect for cuddling with or putting on your dashboard to help watch the road.

Just like my grandmother used to make. It's one of those things on my must-grab list when I make a visit. They're the closest thing to my grandmother's recipe I have ever been able to find. Sweet, salty, absolutely amazing. They taste like Christmas!

My recent trip to Colorado brought us through Texas. One of the guys with me introduced me to this beef jerky. I have eaten my fair share of different types of "jerks" in my life, but this one just blew me away. Added bonus: it's really good when it's cold, even though that sounds strange.

A snack so good, it should be illegal. Every time I walk out with a few bags, I feel like I am smuggling them across state lines. They're amazing by themselves or you can get super fancy and put them in a bowl with milk like cereal. Don't judge me, just try it. These are the gateway snacks to other amazing treats at Buc-ee's, and they're worth every penny.

There you have it, my top Amazon Buc-ee's items so you don't have to travel over to Texas to get some. Save the gas money and buy more things. Bonus: you don't even need to have pants on to do this sort of shopping.

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