I remember growing up. Santa didn't have all of the technology we had today. When he would come and check in on me for being naughty or nice, he would use the AC vents in the ceiling. Yes, the circular or rectangular vents we all have in the ceiling of our homes. It made sense. He could sneak around through the attic and check all of the rooms where I was at. It made for a perfect vantage point in all of the houses we were in. Yes, he would follow the naughty and nice from house to house to check in periodically. If you were being bad, you'd get the parental warning that they had just seen Santa in the vent and he saw what had happened.

Now, we have technology and perhaps I was a touch gullible as a kid. I found a few ways you and your little ones can get in touch with Santa during the Christmas season.

Christmas Dialer - This allows you to place your phone number in the website. You can choose if you want Santa or an elf to call with a free script, or you can pay for a personalized script for the kids.

Package from Santa - An app you can download for free during the holiday season that allows you to get a caller ID call from Santa or an elf.

Conference Call With Santa - In a new world of Zoom meetings and conference calls, you can now do the same thing with Santa and his elves. Maybe you all can discuss a better time for Santa to deliver gifts.

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