Young voters have been on fires over the last couple of years, making major power moves and getting involved in America's election process. I want to encourage all of you to continue on that same track. Though some may not agree, voter participation from ALL Americans is what Democracy is all about. No matter your political party, ethnic background, or what side of town you come from every vote matters.


2021 Louisiana Elections Calendar -
2021 Louisiana Elections Calendar -

Today is National Voter Registration Day and the perfect opportunity for folks to register to vote now! Now is also a great time to handle any voter business you've been putting off. Did you recently get married or divorced? Have you moved and need to update your address? A lot of time when people move, their polling locations change as well. So, if this is the case for you or some you know it may be a good idea to confirm your precinct and its location.

Another wonderful tool to use in finding out when the next election will be or seeing what is going to be on the ballot, download Louisiana's Geauxvote App. I highly recommend this app to everyone. It is really an amazing resource for all things elections. You can pull up a sample ballot to get an early understanding of what you voting for, see instant election results, register to vote, and view a calendar with all of the forthcoming election dates and deadlines just like the one above.

Every election is important. After all, who better to decide your future than you? Celebrate National Voter Registration Day, by becoming a voter today!

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