Today in Tha Wire, famous talk show host Wendy Williams may have written a check with her mouth that her behind can't cash. The former radio host is still being dragged on social media for making offensive comments about Detroit's legendary gospel group, The Clark Sisters last week. In case you didn't hear about this yet, last Wednesday (April 18, 2018), Williams said the iconic gospel group needed to "step their game up" along with few other accusations. WTH? For what? And where has she been all her life? Gospel fans around the world are letting the talk show queen know she crossed wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaay ova the line!

Clearly, Williams didn't think this through. How could an African American woman, born in the era of the group's rise to fame, not to know they're one of THE most celebrated gospel groups of all time?! The three-time Grammy Award winning sisters have enjoyed almost four decades of musical success. Their first album, Jesus Has A Lot To Give, was recorded in 74.

VIBE reports Wendy featured Snoop Dogg during the Hot Topics segment on her talk show. The 53-year-old TV host gave love to Snoop for his debut Gospel album, Snoop Dogg Presents: Bible of Love. To be clear, the LP is FABULOUS! It was the 20th best-selling digital album of the week in its first week. It also debuted at #1 on the Gospel Album Charts. So big ups to Snoop on his success! As for Williams, she should've stayed on topic. However, for some reason, out of nowhere she implied that The Clarks had fallen off!?

“If I were the Clark Sisters, would I be mad that Snoop got to number one?” she asked her audience. She continued, “The Clark Sisters, they’ve been doing gospel forever, have they gotten a number one? Oh well, step up your game.”

The millisecond the words came out of her mouth, she got a social media draggin' she won't soon forget. Rightfully so. Williams has an extensive radio/TV background. She should've done her homework because she obviously doesn't have a clue on what she was talking about.

After days of being dragged all over social media, Wendy tried to address the situation in her own way. She took to Instagram and uploaded the below video, and sorta kinda extended an olive branch. Mind you, she did not apologize. She did not say I'm sorry not one time, which is surprising. Matter of fact, she said she wasn't throwing shade and didn't mean anything by what she said. Then Williams sorta kinda invited the Gospel sisters on her show, with I guess a chance to perform.

The Gospel group did not address the TV host directly. Rather, they thanked fans for having their backs. See the thank you video the group released in response to all the love this week.

It's been a crazy week for celebs. In the meantime, catch the best in entertainment every weekday with The Wire. Get the scoop on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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