It's been over a year now since parks and recreational places could open up to a normal type of situation, welcoming in swimmers, kids, and families to enjoy the facilities of the city. As the spring and summer rolled around in 2020, everything shut down on us. It seems that with a new year, perhaps our darker summer days might be behind us.

Westlake Parks and Rec has done their best to stay open while adhering to the ever-changing restrictions put upon them during 2020. KPLC spoke with the recreational manager, Lesly Deville, about what activities might be expected as we get closer and closer to the summer.

Deville told KPLC they are hoping all of the facilities can be open by the summer as the guidelines are becoming less and less restrictive. That opening would also include the pool in Westlake. Not only would we get to swim, but it is also time to play ball. The plan is that recreational baseball and softball will make their triumphant return to the Westlake Ball Park. It was also mentioned that Westlake District 1 is looking to hire staff for the summer for its various programs, including lifeguard staff.

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