The Ellen Show has danced its last dance. And while the last few years of Ellen Degeneres' popularity on daytime TV had started to wane there were still millions who tuned in to see Ellen's final goodbye.

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And while the comedian's departure from daytime television was "forced" because of behind-the-scenes issues for the most part many of us still have a positive memory of Ellen and her show. She's been a good friend to Louisiana through Katrina and in the post-Katrina years as well. It was good to see that Ellen had not forgotten her roots.

You might remember her commencement speech at Tulane University. It was compelling and inspiring and very funny.

That was 2009 but let's fast forward to 2011, shall we? Nicki Minaj had just released a rather popular recording, it was called Super Bass and it captured the attention of fans around the world. 

Two of those fans were in the UK, namely Sophia Grace and her cousin Rosie. They put their own version of Minaj's Super Bass on YouTube.

That video which has been seen millions of times was noticed by the staff at the Ellen Show. The Ellen team thought it would be fun to have these two energetic youngsters on the show to talk about their love of music and dancing. And of course, with Ellen, there's always a surprise.

Talk about a magical TV moment, those little ones were beside themselves and I think Nicki got a kick out of too.

But alas all good things must come to an end and over the past few years, I didn't really see Sophia Grace or Rosie on with Ellen that much. Then came the announcement that Ellen was ending her show. Would the two youngsters return? And, what do they look like now that they've gotten older?

Here's the answer to that question:

The Ellen Show via YouTube
The Ellen Show via YouTube

Time has treated the two young women very well. They have both parlayed their time and fame achieved with Ellen into show business careers of their own. Sophia Grace has released a new tune called "Little Things" and Rosie McClelland, the blonde who is not so quiet now has released her latest tune called "Safe in Your Love".

So, for those of you who have wondered, you can wonder no more, Sophia Grace and Rosie are doing well. And Ellen, I bet she's doing okay too.

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