The eyes are the windows of the soul. And, most of the time we don't mind looking directly into the eyes of a creature we truly adore. I would have said "humans" we adore but I like looking into my dog's eyes too. That always makes me feel better. However, if you want to unnerve me, then just show me a pair of eyes that aren't connected to a creature I can identify. Then you can watch the anxiety build quickly.

Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash
Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash

I think the only thing more unnerving than seeing a pair of eyes looking at you and not knowing who or what they belong to is only made more frightening when those eyes appear in a place you'd never expect to see them. For example, how many of you would ever expect to look down your bathroom sink's drain and see a pair of eyes looking back up at you?

That's exactly the scenario that @chamicalkim, a Tik Tok creator discovered when she went to her family's pool house to use the sink in the bathroom. Much to her surprise when she was looking down the drain, something was looking right back at her.


I can tell you, as a pool owner myself, that the addition of a large body of water to your yard will attract wildlife. I have removed snakes, mice, large spiders, a baby opossum, and a plethora of insects and frogs from my pool but I have yet to find a visitor hiding out in my sink.

Most of the time I am able to just "shoo these creatures away" with a stick or a pool tool but in some cases I let them take their own sweet time (the snake) to go find a better life away from my pool.

Now, @chemicalkim did find an answer to her question about what was hiding in her sink.

It turns out the creature is a Cuban Tree Frog. It's an invasive species and not the kind of critter you really want flourishing in your garden. The frog reportedly eats almost everything in site and secrets a highly toxic mucus that can burn a human's eyes or cause skin irritation.

Apparently, this little froggy just wanted a cool place to chill out of the Florida heat and believe it or not, outside pipes are the perfect place for doing that. So, let this be a reminder to you as you work around your yards and gardens this summer, check those hoses and those pipes, you never know who could be making a home in there.

Although I am sure here in Louisiana, someone already has a recipe published for Cuban Tree Frog, I bet it will be good.

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