Raina Huang, who is originally from California, is known for taking her talents around the world and tackling some of the most interesting meals, and in most cases, she comes out victorious. She travels the world to try out different restaurants, and when I tell you this young lady can eat some food, she does not play at all. When I first saw this burrito come out of the back, I could not believe the size of the thing. It seemed like it should have been more than one person bringing the burrito out from the kitchen.

attachment-Youtube- 10 lb Burrito

She recently went over to our neighbors in Orange, Texas to Tacos La Shula, where they are known for offering a 10-pound burrito. This has got to be one of the biggest burritos that I have seen. Trust me, I love food just like anybody else and have been known to take out a burrito or two, but even I don't believe that I could handle even half of this humongous thing. Check out the video below featuring Raina, as she faces something that could be comparable to the size of a baby Python in this clip below.

attachment-Youtube- Raina Huang

I remember when I was younger and used to eat more than I should have at the time, people would always ask my mother "where is that food going?", and "how can he eat all of that?" If you take a look at Raina, you may wonder the exact same thing. I have no idea how she is able to take all of that food down in one sitting.

If that's not enough for you, you need to check out this other clip where she takes on a 10 pound Pho Challenge. She brought along an accomplice and even he is probably wondering, how in the world is she doing this.

However, she has made a name for her self and this is something that she is known for, and obviously, she is making a living by doing it. So now I have to ask you are you interested in making a trip over to Orange to try out the Ten-Pound Burrito?

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