Everyone living in certain parts of the country, such as in major cities or in places with important infrastructure (like the refinery belt of the Gulf Coast), has always been on the short list when it comes to The Bad Guys choosing their first strike nuclear targets. Or at least that's what they all told us in school back in the '80s, when Russia was still scary.

There were movies about it and documentaries, and you couldn't even turn on a Saturday morning cartoon without facing the very real possibility that an animated Ronald Reagan might show up to warn you about the dangers of communist missiles and ruin your whole day.

Of course, with Putin's latest announcement of an "invincible" missile system, maybe they are kinda scary again. (He even showed an animation of it hitting Florida. Which isn't at all terrifying.)


Anyway, if you've ever wondered how we'd come out in the event of a nuclear attack - and, let's face it, who hasn't - then the nice people over at carloslabs.com have got you covered.

They just released the second version of their Ground Zero app, which lets you enter a location...and then nuke the absolute crap out of it to see what happens.

Spoilers: Everyone dies.

Just type in any city, and find out how just how awful everything would be.

The tool goes from the smallest nukes to the biggest, and even throws in an asteroid impact, if you're feeling particularly Ben Afflecky today. The asteroid is actually the worst, and makes the horrifying reality of all the other bombs seem a little quaint by comparison.

But only by comparison, because there's no scenario with any of these bombs where anyone lives.

Great. Now I'm depressed.

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