If you've ever tried to park in downtown Lake Charles during lunch time, 26 hours seems like just one day.

Every time I park downtown, I always feel like when I walk out the restaurant, my car is going to be towed.  Sometimes, you just gotta resort to shady parking methods to make sure you're on time.

According to a new study from the Daily Mail, the average person wastes 26 hours and 21 minutes per year trying to find parking spots.  That's roughly four or five minutes a day.

The survey also found that 20% of people have gotten into an accident in a parking lot, and 5% have gotten so frustrated that they couldn't find a spot that they turned around and drove home.

Oh, and the runaway pick for the worst person to have in the car when you're in a stressful parking situation?  Your significant other.

Albeit a different situation, the video below from one of my favorite comedians, Vic DiBitetto, talks about a parking situation that ticks me off too.  And Vic can explain the pain better than I can, lol.  This video is NSFW.

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