The chicken craze happens every few months. You see Tractor Supply has baby chicks, and suddenly we all have to have one or two. You get there, those one or two baby chicks turn into a dozen by the time to go to check out. Now, you need a place to put them. You need a way to carry the eggs around after they start to lay. Don't forget, you maybe need some baby ducks to keep the company, right? I have tried to convince my dad and mom that they need a chicken coup at their house. I am pretty sure my apartment complex wouldn't be happy with one. So my parents are the next best thing. They keep telling me no for some reason.

Etsy, ThimbleworksSTA
Etsy, ThimbleworksSTA

I have seen a lot of weird chicken accessories since the internet gave the chicken world some popularity. I've seen chicken T-Rex arms, chicken hats, and chicken toenail paint. Now, we seem to have chicken tutus. ThimbleWorksSTA is on Etsy is one I ran across randomly that is offering them. I was just shocked, then realized that it makes total sense with the whole chicken craze. The reviews are almost perfect stating how well the various sizes fit their chickens. Yes, they come in various sizes to properly fit your chicken: Bantam, Standard, Large Fowl, and Turkey. My lord, I need to see a turkey in a tutu for Thanksgiving.

The tutus start at $16.00 for the small size and up to $21.99 for the largest size. It only takes a few days to come in it seems. You could have your chickens ready for the fourth of July!

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