Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a hot new R&B star who many locally have not heard about. His name is Chris Crain, and he has worked with many. Whether as an artist, writer, or producer, when I tell you this guy has talent, take my word for it. He has traveled and lived in various places and currently resides in Milwaukee, where he has his own mad music lab to produce mass hits for this year and many to come.

We talked yesterday about his start and things to look forward to from his camp. What I loved about the conversation was the passion he has for the culture and working with youth, which is a great thing. He talked about working with troubled kids and keeping them motivated by introducing them to musical instruments. He is currently working with about 50 or more kids.

He is also pushing a beautiful song catered toward women, and this could be the anthem for weddings to come or a women's retreat where they are looking for some positivity in their lives. If you put this song on Madam Queen, expect fireworks to follow.

Check out the video for the single below.

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