It is that time of the year when the bed is holding you hostage and honestly the last thing you are thinking about doing is working out. While this could be recipe for disaster as most of the weight that I have gained has been during the fall season. This is mainly due to the weather and the convenience of not wanting to get out in the cold. It could also be because most of the time when we are not mobile, we are thinking about eating all of the wrong foods.

According to, there is a way that you can still keep the Winter weight at bay and still enjoy some of your favorite foods. While I still recommend that getting some type of exercise is good when it comes down to it. You want to make sure that your metabolism is fired up and that you are literally burning fat in the process. It is recommended that you change up some of the comfort foods that you are eating. Instead of candy or snacks that are high in calories and bad fat. How about thinking about eating rice cakes and maybe even almond butter. That is one of my favorite snacks honestly.

Another recommended idea from is to reduce stress. This is something that I battle with often. Mainly because while consciously I may not feel like I am stressed about something. While subconsciously I am worried about things that may be beyond my control.

Don't allow all of the hard work that you put in during the summer months to go in vain during the winter. That is the perfect time to really mold the summer body and get the compliments that you've been craving as well as the self-assurance that you need for yourself. For more tips visit for many more helpful ideas.



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