While we don't know the after effects of the incident. According to Sandra Rose.com a young lady fell into icy water in Detroit. The ladies name is Korisa Miller and she apparently lost her footing and fell into the water for a short period of time.

However it was long enough to the point where according to Korisa she couldn't feel anything and was numb due to the devastating effects of the cold and icy water.

Many are wondering how she ended up in the water which Korisa says she was ice fishing in the water and the ice looked to be completely frozen.

Korisa was teased on Facebook because of the incident where she was questions about her wait and the fact that she didn't have on much clothing. She responded to those who questioned her online to which she stated below.

"I did have clothes on. I had a hoodie and a large winter coat on. When they tried pulling me up, my hoodie and coat was choking me so they had to rip it off of me. I did not go fishing in a tank top."

While it's not a laughing matter. I truly recommend that anyone who attempts to go fishing in serious conditions as these. You should be careful and realize that this is very dangerous and if it were not for the two fisherman we could have been remembering her and not talking to her.

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