Tickets go on sale this Friday for Bert Kreischer's Berty Boy Tour. You may not exactly know his name, but you would recognize him as the husky comedian that takes his shirt off during his show. He also has a popular podcast with comedian, and best friend, Tom Segura.

Nicknamed "The Machine", Kreischer first hit the map in the Ryan Renyolds movie "National Lampoon's Van Wilder. Although he was not in the movie, the movie was based around Kreischer's time in college. There was an article written naming him the top partyer in the country. Thus, the film was made. To this day, Kreischer says he has never seen the film and had zero involvement with it. Although the filmmakers did confirm that he was the basis of the movie, Bert that he would never sue them for making the film even after they admitted it was about his time in college.

Kreischer has been in countless podcasts and comedy specials. He has a few of his own currently on Netflix, but now we can see him in our own backyard. Kreischer will be coming to the Lafayette Cajun Dome on September 15, Thursday, and tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am.

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