While some will have slightly modified gatherings with their families during the holidays. There are many here in Lake Charles who will not only not have their families around. But they will not be able to have a meal during the cold Holiday season.

That's what it's great news to hear that the CPSB will be providing meals for their students during the Christmas holiday. For two weeks during the holidays, the School Nutrition Staff will be distributing food for the students. The two weeks worth of Grab and Go meals are free of charge and will be available for pick up for all CPSB students.

Due to the meal flexibility waivers approved by the United States Department of Agriculture, these meals will be available during the holiday break. For parents who would like to pick up the meals without students present must sign a consent form upon pickup.

This will take place Monday, December 21 from 11 a.m.- 1 p.m. at CPSB Central Office 3310 Broad Street in Lake Charles and Sulphur High 9th Grade Campus 600 Willow Avenue, Sulphur, La. Thanks to all involved and have a great and blessed Holiday with your loved ones.

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