I am a big fan of Crown, and mixing it just makes it all the better. Recently, social media has been blowing up with the pictures of Crown in a can. It seems that there are three flavors available to choose from: Crown and Cola, Peach, and Washington Apple. Sweet baby Jesus, I am in!

Although I personally am not a fan of Crown and Coke, I am a fan of the Washinton Apple. The cans are 12oz, sorry 10oz can drinkers. The label claims each can is also 7% alcohol. Guaranteed to bring you some Christmas cheer no matter what sort of Grinch you want to be.

I ran across the Rouses Market page earlier today and they had this picture saying all of their stores are now carrying the mythical beverage. The foreground has what could be my new favorite beverage in the picture, with the other flavors stacked up in the background.

The page states all Rouses Markets should have the beverages stocked and ready to go as of today, but they are selling out as fast as they receive them. Guess I need to make a little trip and buy a few cases after work.

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