A close friend of mine has been helping people get back on their feet in Cameron Parish following Hurricanes Laura and Delta. He told me about just how different things get in the badly damaged parish when the sun goes down. He said you can really feel the darkness with little or no electrical services in the part of the parish where he was working.

That scene we've described is the reason many parts of Cameron Parish remains under a mandatory evacuation order and a curfew. With all the damage and the darkness at night, there is just no need for people to be out roaming around. First, it's not safe, and second many people who are in Cameron Parish are quite familiar with the Second Amendment if you know what I mean.

As of now the curfew in Cameron Parish will remain in place from 7 pm until 6 am each day. However, in other parishes affected by both Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta restrictions are beginning to be eased.

Yesterday Calcasieu and Beauregard Parishes officially lifted their curfews. The Parishes had lifted their mandatory evacuations a day earlier. Meanwhile, in Jeff Davis Parish the mandatory evacuation order has also been lifted but the parish remains under curfew from 10 pm until sunrise each day. Parish officials have hinted the curfew will remain in place until power is totally restored in the parish.

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