Today in Tha Wire, David Irving says he's not quitting his multi-million job as a professional football over his habit of smoking weed but uh....that's what the hell he did! In the ignorant Instagram video, the talented pro-Defensive Tackle told the NFL and the world (smoking a fat ass J:)

“Basically, guys, I quit, I’m out of there. I’m not doing this s–t no more. You know, it’s a lot of reasons why, you know, I’ve come to this decision, but Y'all know how it is. It’s a lot of f—ked s–t. Um, it’s a lot of s–t f–ked up with the NFL.”

Ummmm sounds like he quit to me. However, he clapped back with his video Thursday, March 8, 2019, a week after the Cowboys announced Friday, March 1 they were suspending him AGAIN for failing another drug test. According to ESPN this time his suspension was indefinite, and last time I checked that pretty much means an unlimited. So going out on a limb, he wasn't gonna play for the Cowboys again anyway.

He says if the NFL doesn't loosen its policy on marijuana and match those of other pro sports leagues he's not gonna play. The 25-year old athlete posted the following video in response to his fourth suspension saying:

It's pretty sad to see someone with so much talent, making $2.9 million a year throw it all away. Clearly is addicted, and needs to have his habit medically address in a hurry. Using Marijuana recreationally provided you do so at a legal age, where it's legal is one thing. However long term use of weed turns incredibly addictive and causes major damage to the brain and body, especially when smokers start at a young age. Weed is a mind-altering drug. It can literally make a person dumb causing lifelong damage to the brains verbal memory and serious memory loss.

Clearly, Irving is suffering from some of the bad side-effects of marijuana already, walking away from a $2.9 million salary. Hopefully, he has a back-up plan on what to do next. The young had already done a lot of damage to his career according to ESPN. Irving was suspended the first four games of each of the past two seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. The 25-year-old is set to be an unrestricted free agent after playing just two games on a one-year contract as a restricted free agent in 2018, his fourth year with Dallas.

Cowboyswire.USAToday reported last year Irving's four-game suspension in the NFL cost him 4/17th of his salary, which came to $685,647 a month. Basically giving the Cowboys a nice little discount to play him, dropping his salary to $2.28 million for 12 games. In 2017 they gotta another bargain playing him in eight games at $470,000 in 2017 over his reckless behavior.

Irving's first suspension was in 2017 for violating the league's policy on performance enhancers. In 2018 he was dealt a four-game ban for a couple of substance-abuse violations. Friday, March 1, 2019, he recieved his fourth substance-abuse suspension. So here we are! It's just incredibly sad that he can't see what he's doing to himself. I truly hope he can get the help he needs.

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