Today in Tha Wire, parents and guardians are being warned about letting their kids watch YouTube and YouTube Kids. There's a creepy internet meme being used is the Momo Challenge that's not only instructing kids to do violent things to their parents/siblings, but is also coaxing them to commit suicide. It even goes as far as threatening them not to tell anyone or it will haunt them at night and possibly kill them. I wish I could say this was a joke. It's not! Though the meme has gone viral, and details surrounding this dangerous suicide challenge vary from being a worldwide problem to a disturbing phenomenon that's happening on a smaller scale that possibly started here in the U.S. last year sometime.

Bottom line, parents should always be on high alert when it comes to monitoring your child's internet use, especially when it comes to watching video on YouTube and Facebook sites. The story reportedly picked up steam after the Northern Ireland Police posted a public warning about Momo to their official Facebook page.

Where does it come from? It's some sort of weird Ubume sculpture that appeared in Japanese folk stories and mythical legends. Authorities say YouTube users are behind this, and they are targeting our children by uploading kid-friendly videos that include this Momo character. According to CBS networks and several police departments across the nation, these sick individuals are using children's favorites like Peppa Pig and Fortnite to reach our kids. Children could be watching a regular video, then this creepy doll appears out of nowhere and starts to tell them what to do. It sings a song each time, " Momo, momo, momo's gonna kill you."

Children who participate in this so-called challenge are told to text the Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp. From there, this Momo thing gets the kids to do various dangerous, self-harm, violent tasks and threatens that, if they don't, they will be "cursed." It's pretty crazy.

Parents, the internet is not a babysitter. It's not safe, and it's not exactly safe for adults, either. Many times, none of the sites are regulated, and the exposure is limitless. Try to give your kids something more constructive to do because Momo isn't the only dangerous video on the web. There are thousands of inappropriate sites they have access to online, and these so-called filters and website blockers don't keep your kids safe from being bullied or targeted from perverted human beings.

The internet and social media can also be dangerously addictive. Studies show overexposure to social media can cause major mental health issues. Please monitor your kids closely and do your best to limit their time on the internet.

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