This weekend Netflix premiered Dolemite Is My Name and when I tell you Eddie Murphy too the character to heart. For a minute I didn't see Eddie only Rudy Ray Moore. The door has officially been open for Eddie to return to comedy and give us the real deal when it comes to why he is a comedic genius.

While watching it I remembered when I was in junior high and some of the kids were getting the cassettes and we would trade them with each other during school. Of course I was sneaking around and listening to it when my mom wasn't in the room. He was just a funny guy and when I tell you he was raw, I still don't think there is anyone who has been able to top Rudy Ray Moore's style of delivery.

I also remember seeing him live here in Lake Charles. Unfortunately I didn't get a Kodak moment. I will remember that night. For one I was able to buy all of his dvds that were available and he also made a move on my wife. Of course it was all in fun, but the night is forever etched in my mind. If you have not seen My Name is Dolemite, it is a must that you watch this movie.

Rudy Ray Moore paved the way for the 2 Live Crews, Jay-Zs and other artist who became business owners and ceo's of their own companies. It showed the doubt and hardships that he faced with getting his product heard by the masses.

I already have it planned to watch it again. This was a great movie and any nominations that are in order for this movie should most definitely include Eddie Murphy.

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