These past few months locally have been overwhelming, to say the least. However, nationally things really aren't that much better. If you are on social media daily like I have to be, I am sure you see politicians, celebrities, and everyday people telling you how to vote. It can be taxing as you understand your right, but there are people telling you how to vote.

What about the people telling you not to vote? This is even more infuriating. When I see well respected people telling us not to vote, this has got to be the most demeaning thing I have seen. They are not going to vote, but they want a team of people who agree with them. Sure, politics are what they are and there could be situations where we don't get what we want, but not voting is not going to help resolve the issues any better.

At the end of the day, we should vote if we want change. If the person we vote to put in place doesn't do what we need, we have the option to vote them out. However, sitting on the sidelines and trying to intimidate people not to vote is sad. I remember in '92 when I had the chance to vote with my mother. This was one of the best moments for me. I felt like I had  the power to change something and even if it wasn't just my one vote that did it, I took credit for it.

Whoever you decide to vote for is your right, honor, and business. Aall I am asking of you is to vote. There are too many people sitting around and complaining and not offering any solutions. It starts with the vote. So go vote today and don't get intimidated by potential lines. Make friends with those in the line or take your phone and watch a movie or two.

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