I must say, it’s really wonderful to see how much this young man has grown. I’ve known Dr. Joseph Gallien M.D. since he was a child because I know his family. A graduate of Washington-Marion High School, Xavier University, and LSU School of Medicine New Orleans alumnus, the 31-year-old is one of the many heroes working the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are two reasons he knows a lot about the coronavirus. He caught it and was so sick he had to be hospitalized, and he saw what it did to others while completing his residency at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Like many others in the medical field, Dr. Joseph Gallien has seen the severity of the coronavirus firsthand.

Posted by KPLC 7 News on Friday, July 24, 2020

Dr. Gallien was in New York at the height of COVID-19 crisis, so he’s had a lot of practice dealing with the infectious virus. That’s good news for us because he brought all that knowledge and experience home. KPLC-7 caught-up with the SWLA native and got a first-hand account of what the young doctor thinks about the virus.

Working as an attending physician at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, Dr. Gallien is now serving the community he grew up in. He told 7 News working among the best physicians in the nation at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak was a huge benefit. This wealth of knowledge will serve him well as he embarks on his new journey in medicine. Dr. Gallien said the knowledge he earned was priceless, and he is honored to be able to share what he learned with his colleagues at Memorial.

He also said that during his medical studies and residencies, Black doctors were hard to find. Dr. Gallien says there needs to be more diversity in the medical field. Social justice and equality are topics close to his heart. Now that he’s achieved the dream of becoming a physician, he hopes to mentor other aspiring doctors. Coming up, he didn’t see Black doctors and admits he wanted someone to look up to. Black children, especially boys, need to have positive role models. He told KPLC it’s important.

Welcome home, Jeaux! We are very proud of you and the difference you’re making in the lives of others.

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