I make no secret about how much I love the orange and white burger place. I take pride in rubbing it in my friends' faces when I sneak over the border to Orange and get a burger or three. Spicy ketchup, Whatasauce, and just grease everywhere is something a fat kid's dreams are made of. I can remember cruising on a weekend down Ryan Street and finishing it off with some Whataburger pancakes, a cinnamon roll, and an A-1 Thick and Hearty. That is one of many reasons I am probably fat today. Life was perfect when you could sit and bask in the glow of meat sweats and a full belly.

Sadly, it closed down and became a Starbucks. I was partially excited that we were getting a Starbucks, I believe it was one of the first ones in Lake Charles at the time. Why, however, did they have to take away our precious fine dining that is practically God's burger joint?

Sure, rumors keep popping up all over the area about one coming. We got a Dairy Queen back finally, but Whataburger was nowhere near behind its return. The biggest gotcha moment came from a random social media post I was instantly tagged in and sent a billion times. It looked super official with its computer rendering of the building, logos, location, and opening date. That was until you started looking closely at it.

The fake ad said Whataburger was coming to the corner of Ryan and Common on November 31, which is weird because Ryan and Common obviously do not intersect and November has 30 days. Now, I could slightly understand how some people may not realize there is no corner of Ryan and Common street, but for you not to realize November only has 30 days has me questioning some common knowledge. I got excited and angry all at the same time. Whoever made it, I applaud your effort and skill. I also hope you stub your pinky toe on all of your furniture for the rest of your life.

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