What is the definition of a "down-home meal"? I'd have to say any meal you can get in a plate-lunch form. There are plenty of places in SWLA where we can get amazing plate lunches, but one of my personal top 5 has re-opened and is ready to serve!

My first introduction to anything from Famous Foods was their wet cracklins. My god, as if cracklins couldn't get any better, Famous Foods certainly proved me wrong. They're normal cracklins, but then they're covered in a special hot sauce to really put your blood pressure medication to the test.

Cheyenne Joubert
Cheyenne Joubert

Currently, they are working limited hours, 9a-3p, so that just means you better get there early to make sure you get all that you need from lunches to cracklins. A few commenters asked about their brisket, which is amazing, and they did confirm that they do have their brisket back! Make your lunch plans to head on over to Famous Foods in Lake Charles at 1475 Gertsner Memorial Drive!

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