If you wear the moniker "parent" during your day to day life then you have probably experienced what has reportedly gone on at LSU in Baton Rouge over the course of the past few days. Of course many of the Tiger faithful are just downright disappointed in the way this football season has played out and there's more than enough frustration to go around.

Maybe you've seen the media reports that suggest LSU's lame-duck coach, Ed Orgeron, has run out of, "you pick a word", to give. Based on Coach O's actions following the Alabama loss.

And reports that suggest Coach O has even changed up the Tigers entrances into opposing stadiums you'd think that maybe things were more than a little squirrely at the state's flagship university.

While those two scenarios are bizarre in their own unique way, something happened at LSU this week that really took the program from a national football powerhouse to a grade school football team. Here's what happened.

Yeah, the greatest quarterback in the history of Idaho Vandals football, Doug Nussmeier is using his influence to see about getting more playing time for his son Garrett Nussmeier.

A couple of things to consider here. Many people had felt that Garret Nussmeier's participation this season would be curtailed in order to maintain his status as a redshirt. That basically would give the young quarterback more NCAA eligibility for upcoming seasons.

zzLIAMzz11 via YouTube
zzLIAMzz11 via YouTube

Apparently, that is not the case based on a phone call made to LSU  Offensive Coordinator Jake Peetz from the elder Nussmeier. In that call, it was reported that Nussmeier asked Peetz about getting more playing time for his son.

Now, normally you'd think that's just an overzealous Dad doing what overzealous Dad's do but Doug Nussmeier is not just a football Dad. He's a football guy. I mentioned his heroics at the University of Idaho. Well, he's currently on staff with the Dallas Cowboys and spent a few years in the NFL. Heck, Doug Nussmeier was a backup QB for the Saints at one time.

So maybe this is more about potential football prowess and less about parental interference. Regardless, Coach O says the younger Nussmeier will get some time at QB in the game Saturday versus Arkansas. Just how much time and at what point in the game that will happen still remains to be seen.

LSU QB Max Johnson
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In the meantime, Las Vegas has made Arkansas a 2.5 point favorite to prevail in Baton Rouge on Saturday and as far as we know, another football legend's son, Max Johnson offspring of Brad Johnson will get the start when the Tigers and Razorbacks kick it off at 6:30 at Tiger Stadium on Saturday night.

Hmm, we better get to cooking.

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