It has been a thorn in the side of the craft community since Hurricane Laura. Hobby Lobby was destroyed at its Prien Lake and Highway 14 location. No word was given as to when it would be open again or if it would even reopen.

Before the hurricane hit, the store was impacted by the pandemic, closing down in early April due to the economic issues it faced. Now, as people begin to rebuild their homes, it seems to be time to get those random mirrors and baskets half off or use your one-day-use 40% off coupon you randomly have to Google while you're in line because you forgot it.

All has been quiet from the craft store until an email was sent out to subscribers of the store's sales newsletter. The email confirms the store will be reopening, but they will be relocating it. A lease has been signed for the store, but the email did not give an exact location at this time. All we know is right now is it will be somewhere on Prien Lake Road.

Rumors have been flying around about where the store will actually make its new home, but nothing seems to actually be concrete, or Mod-Podged in place, at this time. Rumors that actually made some sort of sense were that the store could be finding its new home inside of the Prien Lake Mall inside the old Sears store. Could you imagine a two-story Hobby Lobby? Those dreams were crushed after a few comments from mall employees said they couldn't come to an agreement.

So where will it go? Guess we need to wait for the email and find out. The current Hobby Lobby store locator still lists it as being on Highway 14.

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