I don't particularly watch Jeopardy, but when I see random questions pop up from it, I tend to give it a try. I was skimming through Facebook the other day and ran across the post of a Jeopardy question that talked about the town of Reeves. Being a Louisiana history guy, I gave it a read.

First of all, I had no idea that 666 was an actual prefix for Reeves. Second of all, way to go, Reeves, making it to Jeopardy. I did a little digging for those of you who were not aware of this little fact about the town. Indeed, their prefix was established back in the early '60s.

As the telephone systems expanded, the typical last four digits were just not enough for the demand. The prefix was added to help expand on these phone numbers, as well as notate where the number was located. At one point, this was also a thing for cell phone number carriers.

YouTube Opus's Secret Bunker
YouTube Opus's Secret Bunker

The legend goes that in 2007, CenturyTel finally allowed for a change. 749 was going to be the new prefix for Reeves, if the residents opted in for the change of their number. The decision was totally up to them if they desired to get away from the beastly number. It was even said that Mayor Scott Walker was quoted as saying the change was divine intervention. 

The episode with the question aired on FOX on February 26, 2021. Don't worry, I went and found it so you could see it for yourself, thanks to Opus's Secret Bunker on YouTube.

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