Despite the fact that the governor has signed an extension on the original stay-at-home order, some changes will still take place from what we have become used to. There are some new rules put in place that places will have to follow if they are to open to the public.

According to the changes during the extension, outdoor seating at restaurants will be allowed. The restaurant will not be allowed to provide table service, but guests can order their food and sit down with it.

Churches can hold outside services, but must adhere to the social distancing rules. Malls are now allowed to have curbside pickups from stores. If there are any indoor gatherings, the amount of people are still limited to ten people.

According to The Town Talk, LaSalle and West Feliciana parishes are going a bit further than the orders that are set in place. These parishes are allowing more businesses and gyms to open with the thought that they are no worse than Walmart being open and allowing a large amount of people inside of them at a time.

Edwards encourages local mayors to make their own restrictions, but not to go against his signed orders. To help regulate this situation, the state will lean on the Department of Health and fire marshals to watch over these businesses. If they are not operating in accordance to the governor's orders, they will be asked to comply immediately with the assumption that they were not aware they were breaking the restrictions. If they do not comply, their licenses could be revoked.

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