A fight between two men in a parking lot in Jennings led to a woman drawing a handgun and shooting one of the men.

According to the American Press, it was on Wednesday, at approximately 2:30pm, when a shooting happened near the intersection of Spencer and South Main Streets in Jennings, Louisiana. A fight broke out between two men in the parking lot of a store, and that's when the woman, Kathleen Mouton, reportedly drew a gun and shot one of the men.

Police Chief Danny Semmes told the AP that everyone involved was 21 or older, and “After the fight, one of the subject’s mothers came to confront the victim,” Semmes said. “At some point, she pulled a handgun out and shot him.”

Mouton surrendered to police after a warrant was issued for her arrest. She was charged with attempted second-degree murder. The unknown victim was taken to a hospital and underwent surgery for the multiple shots he sustained during the shooting.

[Source: American Press]

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