For almost a month now there's been a lot of talk about Kanye West attending Houston megachurch, Lakewood. Joel Osteen actually extended an invite for Ye to come to church a few weeks ago, and now it appears the music star is going to take him up on his offer. For all intent and purposes, the timing couldn't be better. Recently the rapper, gospel artist announced he turned his life over to Christ and was done with secular music. On October 25, 2019 West released, Jesus is King, and in days it shot straight #1 album on the gospel charts.

Kanye has had a very colorful life, and there's no doubt that he has plenty to testify about. Word has it, he'll be in Houston this weekend to do just that. TMZ reports the former rap star is scheduled to join pastor Joel Osteen on the pulpit during Sunday morning service at 11 am, November 17, 2019. Apparently the two speak regularly and established a special friendship.

TMZ sources said that West is supposedly going to talk with Joel about his life and what inspired him to turn his life over the Christ. Ye will reportedly sit with the famous religious leader in front of his 45,000 member congregation for a 30 minute discussion. In addition, Kanye is supposed to return for Lakewood's night service to perform tracks off his album with his traveling choir. All are welcome to attend, but if by chance no seats are available, everything is said to be broadcasting live on SiriusXM and local TV networks as well!


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