Lake Charles native Michael McGowen who is now a Hollywood movie director still represents for the hometown whenever he is here or away. While he has mingled with many of the Hollywood elite, he still has not forgotten his roots. He is currently putting the finishing touches on a documentary based on Lake Charles's devastating ordeal with Hurricane Laura and Delta. I have had a chance to check out the trailer, and he is really putting on for the city, and making sure that no one forgets what we went through.

Well, this latest project that he just finished is something to bring a smile to the face of many. My oldest brother was a member of the great fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi from Mississippi Valley State, and when I saw this video I had to share it with the world. Michael McGowen pledged in Spring of 99 with the Eph Chapter, and he hasn't looked back since. I had a chance to talk with Michael and asked him what prompted him to make the video. He stated that he was labeled as a legend with the cane, and many of the younger members didn't believe that he still had it in him. "Since we didn't have social media back then, we weren't able to film what we did. "Now that we have the resources out there, I wanted to show them that I still had it," Michael mentioned. Well here is the video that I know is going to be shared for many to see to prove that  Michael McGowen indeed still has the mastering of the canes down to a science.

Be on the lookout for the documentary "From The Ashes" that will be dropping soon. This is something that we need as evidence that people aren't talking about the devastation that many here in Lake Charles are still dealing with including the rebuilding process that is hard for several of our Lake Charles residents.


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