One of the most heartbreaking impacts of the coronavirus pandemic has been the absence of graduation ceremonies across the country. Under normal conditions, high school seniors would be getting ready for the proudest day of their lives: Graduation Day!

It’s a rite of passage, the moment that teenagers become young adults and begin the next stage of their lives. Unfortunately, stay-at-home orders and social distancing forced schools to close. Most seniors will not only miss the last day of school, but also the opportunity to walk across the stage to receive their diploma.

Sunday (May 3, 2020) morning, a local Walmart Neighborhood Market (2011 Ryan Street) decided to do something special for the high school seniors working at the store. They took the time to honor their Class of 2020 associates/seniors and threw them a graduation ceremony in the middle of the store.

It was a beautiful and thoughtful way to recognize these young workers. Special shout-out to Walmart and associates Jennifer, Rachel, Sandra, Jason, Steve, Quilla, and Brandi who coordinated the special graduation ceremony!

Ceremony or not, we want seniors everywhere to hold their heads up high. You accomplished a huge milestone in your lives, and we applaud you all for all the hard work.

Congratulations to you all!

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