This weekend, I had a remote at R&R Tire Express. It was another beautiful day in the city and the weather was the best. Once I finished my remote at 1:00pm, I immediately made a stop by my neighborhood polling location and cast my vote. The workers were not occupied, as there was no one in line when I arrived.

I signed in, cast my vote, and within five minutes, I was in and out of there and on my way. I watched the news later on that night and saw there were no changes in positions. Those who have been in place for years are still in place. While that is enough to be concerned, when I saw some of the numbers of the winners over their opponents, the win was minimal at best.

This is why I ask, Lake Charles, where is the vote? What is it going to take to get the younger generation excited about voting? If there are shoes on sale or concert tickets, there are lines around the corner. Honestly, on any given day, there is a line at your nearest Popeyes that would rival Chick-fil-A.

Sure, we have all been taken advantage of on a national and local front, but we have to get out and vote. There is force in numbers and with the right numbers, we can get results. I still have the excitement of voting like I did before and I will not lose that passion. I vote for those who couldn't and wanted to. I will continue to speak on voting and pushing as many as I can to get out and vote.

Erik Tee
Erik Tee

This is not the first election, and it will definitely not be the last. If you want that bike lane in your neighborhood or if you don't feel secure about having something in your neighborhood, we find time to do things we want to do. It shouldn't be hard to prioritize things we need to do. Keep in mind that our decisions now can affect the choices of our future.

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