Over the weekend, I went to the Prien Lake Mall and had to drive around the backside when i saw the old two-story Sears building was being torn down.

Sears closed down awhile back here in Lake Charles, and the building has just been empty ever since. Speculations were swirling about what would take its place in the mall but nothing ever surfaced.

If you remember, Sears was a two-story store with an escalator. The store, of course, had jewelry, clothes, and even a lawn and garden department. Sears moved into the Prien Lake Mall after being located in downtown Lake Charles on Ryan Street. A new apartment complex now sits at that property.

Now we don't know if the building is being torn down because it may have suffered hurricane damage or if the mall is tearing it down to accommodate another store. Or is it just being torn down and nothing will be built in its place? That is the question of the day.

Do you know if something will be rebuilt where Sears once stood? We will have to see what the Prien Lake Mall staff have in store for the shopping center.

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