It never fails. As the weekend draws close, we begin to see people ask about who has crawfish in the area. It's a little rough to find places that are open after two major hurricanes, but it seems there is a little help out there.

I ran across the website Critter Runners. They offer a publicly populated database that seems to have everything listed out such as caterers, live, and boiled. They even list out farms and wholesalers. I checked into it and searched the lake area to see how up to date it truly was. It's close, although it still lists Steamboat Bill's as being open. Since it's updated by the users, it makes sense to see a few mistakes from the past before Hurricane Laura.

Worst case scenario, you find a place that is listed and give them a little jingle to see if they are indeed open. At least it gets you pointed in the right direction of some delightful crawfish. Now, if they could only tell me where all the underground Mardi Gras balls are, we would be in business.

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