A Louisiana Boy Scout is being hailed as a hero after saving two people from drowning at the beach.

Bryce Corcoran of New Orleans, a 17-year-old Eagle Scout, recently recounted his story to WGNO. It all happened in August when his family was on vacation.

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Bryce and his family were enjoying a sunny day at the beach when he heard commotion off in the distance. Scanning the horizon he saw people in the water bobbing up and down, flailing their arms, and screaming. He knew he had to act. He grabbed his boogie board and swam out into the chaos. He first put a girl on his board and brought her back to shore. Bryce then grabbed another boogie board and swam out to save the man, placing him on his back on the board and towed him to shore,

When a WGNO reporter asked Bryce what it means to be a hero, he responded:

It means just doing the greater good for the community.

Because of his bravery and quick thinking, Bryce has been awarded the Boy Scout National Heroism Award.

His mom, Bronwyn Corcoran, is Bryce's scout leader, she told WGNO:

I’m very very proud of him, and I was even more proud when I saw him in action saving those people’s lives.

She went on to say he believes in the scouting program. Mrs. Corcoran says it teaches boys and girls many life skills and helps them find their path in life.

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