A Baton Rouge man was arrested for refusing to get his temperature checked at Disney World.

Kelly Sills, 47, was arrested on February 13 after the incident at the Disney Springs restaurant. Check out the body cam footage below.

The arrest report states that Sills walked passed the temperature check tent in front of the restaurant and refused to come back and get screened. He was then asked to leave the property by Disney employees and he refused. The Orange County Sheriff's Department was called and he still refused to leave the property, so deputies placed him under arrest. He later pleaded not guilty to trespassing.

Sills can be heard repeatedly telling the deputies in the video above that he paid $15,000 for his Disney vacation and said, "You can’t trespass if you’re paying $15,000.:

He told the Washington Post the manager at the restaurant escalated the matter too quickly and then he compared Disney security to Nazis and the Mafia.

It's got to be tough working at Disney right now. People who are paying big money to come enjoy a stay at your facilities expect the workers to bend to their every whim. I don't think I would have the patience to deal with yahoos all day who don't want to follow the rules. These employees didn't make the rules, but they have to follow and enforce them if they want to stay employed with Disney. Like it or not, Disney owns the park and thus they get to make up whatever stipulations they want for you to enter and stay. If you don't follow them, there could be repercussions.

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