According to a press release from the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office, over the weekend at 3:45pm, a witness was putting groceries in her car when she saw another car pull up next to her. The witness claims the driver of that car, 48-year-old DeRidder native Samuel Blackmon, proceeded to get a bit too comfortable in his driver's seat. Blackmon allegedly laid back his seat, pulled off his shorts, and began to, well, you know, "hammer the nail."

The victim was able to take a picture (no info if he smiled or not) of him and his car. Once Blackmon realized he had been caught "walking the dog", he fled the scene. The victim reported the incident to the police along with a description of the vehicle and Blackmon (not too sure how descriptive she was).

Deputies found the man and the car headed toward Moss Bluff, and pulled him over near Theriot Road. Once stopped, the deputies observed Blackmon only in his underwear (still no word if he was smiling or not), and, after questioning, arrested and booked him into the Calcasieu Correctional Center, charging him with obscenity. His bond was set at $7500.

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