Lately among the Mardi Gras community, there have been some rumors floating around that the Mardi Gras festivities for 2021 could already be canceled. Let's be honest, to hear that wouldn't be too huge of a surprise with the way 2020 has treated us this far.

In March of this year when the coronavirus pandemic began, the Mardi Gras of SWLA group began canceling its meetings. The meetings allow the reps from the Krewes and the board of Mardi Gras SWLA to get together to discuss upcoming events and parades. These meetings were obviously canceled to help protect everyone. As they began to cancel more and more meetings, rumors began to spread that we just might not have a Mardi Gras season at all. Could you imagine?

On Monday, the group posted to their Facebook page to help remove any rumors that might have been started. The group posted they are continuing to stay in contact with city officials and personnel about future events. They also asked for all Mardi Gras Krewe members to inform all of their members and friends that Mardi Gras 2021 is not canceled at this point. They ask for everyone's patience as they stay optimistic on what the 2021 season will hold for us all.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that we will at least be able to have some sort of a Mardi Gras season for 2021. If we don't, you'll see me in the back of the Gator truck waving and handing out beads on my own down Ryan Street.

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