Today in Tha Wire Billboard reports that Missy Elliott has become the first female rap star nominated to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The iconic rapper/singer/songwriter/producer was different in every way from the word go. She literally changed the rap game when she took the music scene by storm with "Sock It 2 Me," in 1989. Not only was her bars vicious, but she had the vocal pipes to put out an R&B album if she wanted to. Nobody put it down like Missy, from her style, videos, and delivery. She was in a league of her own and set the bar to new heights for female MC's.

Her songwriting and production skillz were just as phenomenal as her performing talents. Missy and her partner in song, Timbaland have produced and wrote songs for stars like Beyonce, SWV, Keysha Cole, Jazmine Sullivan, of course Ginuwine, the late Aaliyah and Whitney Houston countless others. So I could defiantly understand how Misdemeanor made the list of 2019 nominees, which by the way was released last Wednesday.

If she gets inducted Missy will be the third rap star to be nominated with the honor, following Jay Z and Jermaine Dupri Though Missy is the only rapper on the list, she's not the only mega music star to catch a nod. The singer/actress best known as "Songbird Supreme," by the Guinness World Records,  Mariah Carey has also been nominated! Mimi and her Whistle Register vocals has some mean writing talent as well. She has penned a nice repertoire of hits for artists like Gloria Estefan, Blaque, Allure, her former background singer Trey Lorenz, not to mention countless hits for herself.

So we congratulate them both, and wish them the very best. They truly deserve to be inducted. You can see the full list of nominees here.

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