If you are like me and move through the city often, you can see there is still plenty of trash and other debris in the area. For the longest, we had trash here on Lakeshore Drive that kept getting passed over.

Well, this Monday, May 17 will be the last day to have your hurricane debris picked up. If you are a property owner, you need to have all of the residential debris by the curb of your home this Monday.

There will be debris removal monitors and contractors on hand to make sure everything is cleared. Obviously, going into another hurricane season, the last thing we need is to be in the eye again and still have trash and objects on the road. This would be a catastrophe for homeowners who are still waiting to get things done or are just finished getting their homes fixed.

So again, remember this Monday will be the last day to have your debris removed without having to do it yourself. If you have any questions, call 337-491-1346.

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