At the Cajundome screening site yesterday morning, they had some furry surprises. Three newborn kittens fell out of a vehicle there. A nurse working the screenings for COVID-19, Dana Roger, is also an Acadiana Animal Aid adopter. So naturally, she called the shelter for help and Lafayette Officer Huval drove them to the home of a bottle foster who took over caring for them.

Acadiana Animal Aid Facebook
Acadiana Animal Aid Facebook

Thank you to these front line workers for taking the time to save these little kittens in the middle of the coronavirus crisis. They were just hours to one day old and they likely fell out of someone’s vehicle engine. AAA used this as a reminder to everyone that kittens and cats seek shelter inside of cars.

The kittens were named after three famous nurses throughout our history. One is Florence Nightingale, after the founder of modern nursing. The second one is Clara Barton, named after the founder of the American Red Cross. The third kitten was named Mary Eliza Mahoney, after the first African American licensed nurse in the United States.

If you are touched by this story and would like to follow their progress. Visit Acadiana Animal Aid's Facebook page.



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