Today in Tha Wire, R. Kelly dropped a 19-minute single Monday July 23, 2018. The single is titled, I Admit. Given the title, you'd think the Pied Piper was looking to make some sort of confession. Kels is definitely getting some things off his chest, but if you thought he was admitting to running a sex cult, or to sexually assaulting'd be wrong. Matter of fact, he's doing just the opposite.

HipHollywood reports the R&B singer is
going-in on those people who've been “tryna destroy [him]”.over the past 25-years.

R. Kelly has released a tell-all song about the emotional trials, and tribulations he's gone through over the past 20-plus years. He started with admitting to some of his wrong doing: The lies, alcohol, being broke...yes even the sex with old and young girls. Then he dug in and name dropped Steve Harvey, John Legend, and Tom Joyner for trying to tare him down. Spotfly for not playing his music over the constant sexual assault accusations, and lawsuit.

Kels talked about the 2002 child pornography trial that nearly ended his career. He named, Jim DeRogatis. That's the Chicago reporter that gave police the sex tape, featuring him (allegedly) and a 14-year-old girl. Kels talked about his memoir, but he admitted to not being able to read, being molested by a female family member and on, and on. Listen......


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