Snoop Dogg has been riding high with the success of his album "Bible Of Love" that has been on top of the Gospel Charts for a few weeks. I was skeptical when the album was first released, but was quickly hushed when I listened to the full thing. There was plenty of criticism that Snoop had to take on behalf of older fans who didn't like the idea of him doing a gospel album.

There was even more criticism from the Church community who didn't feel like he had the right to do it. I have to disagree and say that everyone has the right to change. You also can't say what is in a persons heart. One thing I do like is that he is not on every song on the album.

He enlisted the help of everyone from Fred Hammond, Mary Mary and Tye Tribbett who offered their support on plenty of songs on from the double album. Here is one of my favorite songs from the album and it features Rance Allen. If you love great gospel music and real singing, you have to nod your head to this one. It's called "Blessing Me Again".


Snoop Dogg- "Blessing Me Again":

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