State Representative Blake Miguez of Erath announced today, on the Moon Griffon Show, that a petition has been signed by a majority of their members that would terminate the state's public health emergency.

This petition then will be sent to the Governor, and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry says, according to state statute, the Governor is required is to issue a proclamation ending the public health emergency.

The AG says he has not yet seen the petition, but he expects he will see it soon.

Landry adds that upon receipt of the petition by the Governor, according to state statute, this would bring to an end to mandates from the state to close. The statute that Landry is referencing is

Statute: La. R.S. 29:768

Opinion: 20-0106 

Jeff Landry says as he reads the law, this means the state of Louisiana can open up, right now, for a period of seven days.

But, only for seven days? Why? Miguez says they put the seven-day time frame in so that they can see how things go with open the state back up. Will Covid-19 numbers go up?

It is possible that the Governor could not sign the petition, even though state statute says that he is mandated to sign this petition by law. AG Landry says that then the state would have to file suit and take the matter to the courts to the Governor to sign.

A capitol insider tells KPEL that the Governor will take the matter to court.

This is a developing story.

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