SWLA Credit Union is giving back and helping to get families ready for the new school year. In case you were unaware, the credit union established a new location in North Lake Charles on 2000 Opelousas Street. If that address seems familiar, that is because they are now located inside the SWLA Center for Health Services building! This will definitely make banking much easier to access because so many people receive healthcare there. So, not only is this a great location but it is also a great addition to the North Lake Charles community.

Here is another reason to stop by, the credit union is celebrating its newest location with the "Shoes For School" giveaway! The big back-to-school event is going on now through August 5, 2022. To be eligible to win, residents who open a new account or get a loan at the new branch will win a pair of shoes (Limit 2 pairs per household.)

For more info on the "Shoes For School" giveaway, call Empowerment Specialist Rachel at (337) 477-9190. As stated below on the flyer, applicants must apply in person at the North Lake Charles branch inside the Center for Health Services. This back-to-school event is exclusive to the 2000 Opelousas Street location.

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