I love going to New Orleans, and as soon as things start to really open back up, I can't wait to take the family down to the Big Easy and enjoy some fun time. I have compiled a list of ten cocktails you might want to try out and see for yourself what you think about them.

I even went a little extra for you. I tried to give you an idea of the type of beverage you will be drinking, and I included the address as well so this will be a GPS-friendly trip for you and your crew.

Beverages You Should Try While in New Orleans

I am a big fan of the Hand Grenade and will often get one or more when I want to have a good time. This is just a small list of drinks you have here. There are plenty more to go. I feel like things are going to get so much better and with Phase Two in effect this Friday. I am sure the businesses will be opening up soon.

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