I have been interested in finding out a little bit more about this gentleme,n Dr. Anthony Fauci. What I didn’t realize was just how important this man has been to the history of medicine and research, and this is one of the most important men who have helped guide us through this pandemic, whether you like him or not. He has obviously been the voice of reason in the medical field for years. I ran across scarymommy.com where I found more than enough information on why this man is so important to us.

Ten Interesting Facts About Dr. Anthony Fauci

Right now, the world is not a friendly place. While we are dealing with the pandemic that is hovering over our heads, many of us are still dealing with the issues of the world with race and other obstacles. I truly hope we will follow his directions and allow Dr. Fauci to lead us. That's the only way we will see something different and notice a change in the world. I hope you found this interesting, as I was totally blown away by this man and the things I found out about him.

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