Before we begin, no, I didn't know this was misspelled until it was brought to my attention. After being taken over by Caesars, the Superdome got a few changes and renovations to its appearance. Instead of the banners hanging from the roof, they changed them over to a beautiful display of the names lit up in lights around the ring of the dome. Sounds really neat in theory, right? Until you skip over spellcheck.

Morten Andersen became the fourth member to get added to the Ring of Honor for the New Orleans Saints. That honor happened in 2015. At that time, his name was indeed spelled correctly. Nicknamed "the Great Dane", Andersen holds records galore, and so deserves to sit up in the ring of the Superdome.

Blake Lumpkin
Blake Lumpkin

It would appear that all the Saints need to do is buy another vowel, and swap that O to an E and they will be golden once again. How would you like to be the person that misspelled it in the first place? Even worse, the crew that installed it and not even having a clue. Also, I would have had no clue either, so it's really not that farfetched to think of.

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